Common Shirt Designing Mistakes That You Can Avoid

May 01, 2020

Common Shirt Designing Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Designing a t-shirt is an extremely fun process. Aside from having the complete freedom on what you want to see on your shirt, it is also a great way to practice your creativity and imaginative skills. But even if it’s enjoyable, customizing a t-shirt can also be very daunting especially for newbies. Why? It’s because a lot of mistakes that might affect the final outcome can happen.  Luckily, there’s an effective way that anyone (even a pro) can use to avoid these mistakes, and that is by being able to identify what they are.

Having the ability to know that you’re making a mistake before you even commit one is a great way to remove yourself from the newbie category. It will also prevent you from wasting time correcting design mistakes. And most of all, you will be able to produce a design that will surely amaze other people. So, here's the most common yet avoidable mistakes that t-shirt designers commit.

  • Making The Design Too BIG

  • When it comes to making t-shirt designs, size does matter. Aside from the measurement of the shirt where you’re going to put it on, you also need to set a proper size for the design itself. Having a humongous print means you have to carefully arrange its details so that it won’t look overwhelming. Big designs on a shirt also tend to attract all the attention, making people notice your shirt instead of you. Make sure that the size dimensions of the design compliments the measurements of your shirt.

  • Choosing The Wrong Color Palette/ Combination

  • Another common mistake among professional and amateur designers everywhere. Colors play a huge role in making a design come to life, especially for custom graphic t-shirts. Not being able to pick the correct colors can kill the potential of the design. It is recommended to try out different color combinations first before you submit your design for printing. Also, make sure that the color of the shirt you’re going to use matches or compliments the colors present on the design. It’s okay to play with a color palette, just make sure they look good together.

  • Using Low Quality Materials

  • If you want your design to be as beautiful as possible, make sure you approach a printing shop or website that uses high quality materials. From the fabric used on their shirt products up to the brand of their ink and the model of their printers, everything must be top of the line. A great website you can check out next time is; they offer great printing services using top-quality materials for reasonable prices. Don’t sell yourself short, it‘s definitely better to spend a little more for the kind of quality that will make each extra hard-earned cent worth it.