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Custom Printing Reminders For Choosing A Garment

Custom Printing Reminders For Choosing A Garment | Custom T Shirts


Custom Printing Reminders For Choosing A Garment

When it comes to printing your designs into your custom shirt, there are things you definitely need to understand when choosing the right garment. The instructions are easy to follow, but there are things you have to keep in mind to have a better quality printed shirt, especially when you wanted it to look good and feel comfortable wearing it at the same time. Always remember that not all shirts are the same.

Top Reminders

  1. Determine the purpose of the shirt – There is certain significance on how you use your shirt. In most cases, your shirts are used for work environments and sometimes heavy use. However, it could be used as a fashion brand that simply limits its usage for a day-to-day activity. In this way, you can have options on what type of garment is best for your t-shirt printing if you know what your shirt is for.

  2. Not every garment is perfect – There are garments that do not go well for t-shirt printing. It is strongly suggested that you use 100 percent cotton to ensure the deliverance of the design. Cotton is flexible that is why It is the best choice for t-shirt printing because the designs can be printed all over its area.

  3. Checking on the weave – One factor in achieving the best-printed results on every garment is determining the type of weave on the shirt because there are some instances that you might use too much ink on a wider and deeper weave compared to the tighter one. It might turn out to give the same outcome, but the process might take up different levels of ink usage.

  4. Budget for a quality material - You might actually think you’re saving money from buying wider weaved garments, but you’re actually going to spend much more in getting the best results. Printing on a much softer garment will more likely save you some cash because it will require a lesser usage of ink compared to the wider weaved ones.

  5. Understanding the specs – This is presented in every catalog you will find on the market when checking on your t-shirts. The specs of your garments include the materials used, the size, the color, and the weight of the shirt. A good shirt that you might want to consider is somewhere around 4.5 oz and 5.5 oz to be able to attain a better-printed result. The singles also need to be considered because it represents how many stitches per square inch there is on a shirt. The higher number of singles, the better type of quality.

  6. The design color – The struggle of getting a quality shirt also has something to do with the selection of colors. Your chosen shirt should have to complement with the proposed design. In this way, you can avoid altering the drawing. You might want to stick to lighted color shirts to get an optimum result.

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