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Direct to Garment Printing Near Fishtown Philadelphia PA

Direct to Garment Printing Near Fishtown Philadelphia PA


Direct to Garment Printing Near Fishtown Philadelphia PA

Besides screen printing growing in popularity, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is another printing process gaining popularity in recent years. It's the most common alternative if screen printing is not available as a printing method for designs and if you don't want the added costs of embroidery. This printing process is unique since it provides you with a means of printing complex designs with multiple colors, and at times, it can be less costly if you're printing in smaller batches. In addition, it is more convenient and efficient to print designs into garments than screen printing and embroidery. So, if you needyou need a rush order or only a couple of shirts, you might want to check out DTG printing. That said, this blog is all about DTG printing and how to utilize it to maximize its benefits for your apparel needs.

What is Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing?

DTG printing differs from any other method due to its printing process, which typically utilizes inkjet printers. Because it uses inkjet printers, it is relatively fast and can print intricate designs with little to no setup time. With DTG printing, you're able to use a broader range of colors since the selection is CMYK colors, not only RGB. For this reason, your color selection isn’t limited, and it’s possible to print in different shades and hues. That said, you would want to have 

Compared to screen printing, DTG printing has a stereotype attached to it, and many people say that it’s an inferior version of screen printing, but it really isn't. They are relatively the same, and when it comes to functionality, DTG can arguably beat screenprinting. The results of DTG, though not as vibrant, can retain the fabric's natural texture and breathability. And with regards to its ability to print, it’s advantageous for smaller productions as there are no setup costs, unlike the traditional printing methods. Overall, DTG printing is a very versatile method for printing garments. With its help, you can make intricate designs, whether multicolored, gradients, or halftones.

DTG Printing Services

Advantages of Direct-To-Garment Printing 


  1. DTG prints are relatively cheap and cost-effective for their results. Since you're not going to be burning a lot of screens and there are no practical setup costs, you won’t be charged additional fees. In other words, you'd be able to save more since the cost per shirt is way less, yet you can still get high-quality prints. 

  2. DTG printing is very versatile. Its functionality can be used in various fabrics, including cotton, polyester blends, and synthetic fibers. You wouldn't worry if you have a specific polyester blend that it wouldn't be a successful print because it would be. 

  3. DTG prints are also very eco-friendly. The inks that are used are water-based and free from chemicals. Compared to the traditional printing methods, the end result produces less waste material. 

Direct to Garment Printing

The Process of Direct-to-Garment Printing


  1. Preparing the Design: DTG prints start with creating or importing the desired artwork into a digital format compatible with the DTG printing software. This is when you make the necessary changes to your artwork before it gets printed (i.e., design size, placement, and colors).

  2. Preparing the Fabric: Now that your design is ready, choose the suitable fabric. You can either use cotton or any polyester blend. Ensure everything is clean, smooth, and correctly positioned on the DTG printer.

  3. Application of the pre-treatment solution:  If you're going to be printing on a shirt that's incompatible with the ink or you want the ink to have more adhesion, you might want to apply a specialized pre-treatment using a spray or a roller. This way, you'll be able to increase the color's vibrancy together with the ink's adhesion.

  4. Print the shirts: After all these things are said and done, start printing by loading the design into the DTG Printer. Then, after going through the computer settings, the printer should move across the fabric and place the ink layer by layer to reproduce the design.

  5. Cure them: Once done, the garments are cured using a heat press or a conveyor dryer. In our case, we use the conveyor dryer since it's more convenient. After this process, the inks should be dried enough that the design can be touched and washed.

  6. Finishing: After being cured, the shirts will be removed for inspection to determine whether errors happened in the printing process. It will be cooled and folded accordingly.

Direct to Garment Printing Near Fishtown Philadelphia PA

DTG Prints Can Also Produce High-Quality Custom Apparel

Interestingly, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing results are high-quality apparel that stands out. It's a type of process that takes what the traditional screen printing process can’t do: printing with unlimited color options and accurately producing gradients and halftones. It can produce vibrant apparel, and the colors would not quickly fade after multiple washes. If you look at this example, here's a customer who praises DTG printed apparel as it retains its clarity for the prints and the soft feel of the ink. Though it's not as vibrant as any screen-printed apparel, it can be argued that if a print shop used an updated machine, it would be able to match or be better than any screen-printed apparel. 

In addition to the quality that you can get with DTG printed apparel, It can produce prints at a quick turnaround time since you don't have to bother with printshops having to set up the screens or using a lot of screens in the process. Now, suppose you’re somebody who needs personalized apparel on short notice or in limited quantities. In that case, this might be your way to go. 

Wrapping Up

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing shouldn’t be off the table for you when it comes to getting your custom apparel. It is cost-effective, versatile, and eco-friendly, making it another excellent option for printing. With DTG printing, you are not limited by your color selection, as it can print CMYK colors. That said, it wouldn't also increase your costs that much when compared to using the screen printing method. Now, if you're a business looking for custom apparel or have a unique design that's more than 3 colors and want to save costs, don't hesitate to go for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing near Fishtown Philadelphia PA. It's the new alternative if you're looking for the best alternative method to screen printing.

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