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Direct to Garment Printing Near South Philadelphia PA

Direct to Garment Printing Near South Philadelphia PA


Direct to Garment Printing Near South Philadelphia PA

Together with screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing has been growing in popularity in South Philadelphia PA. This is the most typically utilised substitute in case screen printing and embroidery are out of your budget. This printing process is unique since it allows you to print intricate images in multiple colours, and sometimes printing in smaller quantities might result in cost savings. Apart from that, stitching and screen printing are less practical and efficient than transferring images onto clothing. As such, whether you need a few shirts or a quick order, you might wish to investigate DTG printing. That being said, DTG printing and how to maximise it for your apparel needs is the main topic of this article.

What is Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing?

Among printing methods, DTG printing is unique and is usually done with inkjet printers. Its usage of inkjet printers allows it to produce complicated graphics fast and nearly without setup time. More colour choices are offered by DTG printing than only RGB; CMYK colours are also offered. As such, you are not limited in your colour selection and printing in a range of hues is possible. You would want to have, that being said.

Many individuals think DTG printing should be avoided and screen printing is better. Functionally speaking, both are almost equal, and DTG might even be more effective than screenprinting. The original texture and breathability of the fabric can be maintained with DTG, albeit the colours are lighter. Smaller productions gain from its printing capabilities as well because there are no setup costs as there are with traditional printing methods. DTG printing is a very flexible approach to print apparel in general. It makes complex designs in gradients, halftones, or multicoloured possible.

DTG Printed T Shirt

Advantages of Direct-To-Garment Printing


  1. Considering the quality of the prints DTG produces, their prices are reasonable. There won't be any extra costs and no true setup costs because you won't be burning many displays. Said another way, you can still get fantastic prints and save even more money because each garment is far less expensive.

  2. DTG printing finds use in a thousand different industries. It functions with cotton as well as fibre blends including polyester and synthetics. You wouldn't worry if a certain polyester blend you have prints poorly.

  3. Moreover, DTG printing is really ecologically friendly. There are bases of chemicals and water for the inks. Less waste is generated overall when comparing final waste material to traditional printing methods.

Direct to Garment Printing Design

The Process of Direct-to-Garment Printing


  1. Preparing the Design: Setting up a design for DTG prints starts with importing or converting the intended artwork into a digital format that the DTG printing software can process. Here you make any necessary size, placement, and colour changes to your artwork before it is printed.

  2. Preparing the Fabric: After your design is finished, choose the right fabric. Cotton works well, as does any form of polyester blend. Make sure all is clean, smooth, and positioned correctly on the DTG printer.

  3. Application of the pre-treatment solution:  If you want the ink to stick better or if you intend to print on a shirt that won't take the ink well, apply a specialised pre-treatment using a spray or roller. These days you can simultaneously increase the colour brightness and adhesion of the ink.

  4. Print the shirts: When all is prepared, put the design into the DTG printer and start printing. The printer should move over the cloth and apply ink layer by layer in accordance with the computer parameters in order to duplicate the design.

  5. Cure them: After that, the garments are dried in a heat press or conveyor drier. Since it is more logical, we use the conveyor dryer here. After this, the inks ought to be dry enough for touching and washing the design.

  6. Finishing: After they have cured, the shirts will be removed for inspection to check for any printing process issues. After that it will cool and be folded suitably.

Direct to Garment Printing Near South Philadelphia PA

DTG Prints Can Also Produce High-Quality Custom Apparel

Excellent personalised apparel may also be made in South Philadelphia PA using DTG Prints. Direct to garment (DTG) printed clothing is surprisingly of very high quality. Conventional screen printing cannot print in an infinite number of colours or accurately create gradients and halftones as this technique can. Clothing can be bright and not fade too quickly even after multiple washings thanks to it. Look at this client who reports that the prints are clear and the ink is soft on DTG printed apparel. While not as vibrant as clothing printed by screen, one could argue that any print studio equipped with contemporary technology could match or even exceed any screen-printed apparel.

Because DTG printed apparel is of high quality and printers don't have to worry about putting up screens or using a lot of them, they can print fast. Imagine now that you need bespoke garments quickly or in small quantities. In such case, this can be your finest choice.

Wrapping Up

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing of your customised garments should not be eligible for discounts. It is yet another excellent printing option because of its adaptability, reasonable price, and environmental friendliness. DTG printing prints CMYK colours, so you have a variety of options. Ultimately, it wouldn't increase your costs all that much more than screen printing. Now, employ direct-to-garment (DTG) printing without second thought if your company needs customised apparel or has a unique design with more than three colours and wants to save money. Here's the new alternative if screen printing isn't your thing.

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