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How To Pick The Right Colors For Your Customized T-Shirt

How To Pick The Right Colors For Your Customized T-Shirt


Find Out How You Can Pick The Right Colors For Your Customized T-Shirt

Designing a t-shirt is absolutely fun,  and one of the things that makes it really enjoyable has got to be the part where you need to pick the colors that you’re going to use to make your artwork come to life.  Choosing the right color combination is important to ensure that the design will reach its full potential. But thought it looks easy, it is actually not. There’s a lot riding on the colors that you’re going to use, pick the wrong ones and you can potentially damage the integrity of the artwork and make the final product less likable. It is a tricky process that could easily go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, we at Tee Vision Printing can definitely help you with that. We will teach you how you can pick the right colors not just only for the design but also on the t-shirt where the artwork will be printed on. Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves to have a customized tee that they completely love.  So, are you ready? Let’s start now, shall we?

Colored T Shirts

Study Your Skin

One of the first things that you should do is to look at your skin and find out what tone it has.  If you’re a bit on the lighter side then it’s recommended to invest more on shirts with darker colors such as black, dark blue and maroon to provide some contrast.  Although you can still wear shirts with bright colors provided that other parts of your attire will be of other hue to properly balance your colors and not make you look pale or “too white”.  If you’re on the darker side on the other hand then you can go for both lighter colors and even darker hues. However, it is also recommended to stay away from some bright colors such as orange and pastel ones for the kind of contrast they bring can sometimes make you look darker.

Make Sure There’s A Contrast

Picking colors that can contrast each other is very important in making sure that your design will be properly seen and highlighted. If your artwork is made up of primarily darker hues such as red and black, then you need to go for the t-shirts or hoodies with lighter colors such as white and yellow so it will still be obvious. Same thing goes when you have designs with brighter color tones, look for t-shirts in darker hues to properly highlight the print. At Tee Vision Printing, we have a wide collection on t-shirt colors to choose from, perfect for whatever design you have.

Don’t Go Down The Neon Route

Never do the bright on bright color combination when it comes to shirts because there’s a huge chance that t-shirt will hurt someone’s eyes especially if you’re out in the sun. Avoid making personalized tees using neon-colored t-shirts and designs because that is just ridiculous. Seriously, if you used to do that before, you should start forgetting about it now.

Color Combinations for Customized T Shirts

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