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Four Reasons Why People Hate Your Custom T-Shirt

Reasons Why People Hate Your Custom T-Shirt | Custom Tees


Four Reasons Why People Hate Your Custom T-Shirt

Customized tees are undoubtedly loved by many.  They’re fun, creative and can be worn with basically anything you have in your closet. However, they’re not completely invulnerable to negative reactions, especially if what’s written on them are enough to raise some eyebrows. Designing a t-shirt has given us a great amount of freedom. That’s awesome, right? But the thing is, some people don’t know what to do with this freedom. And that’s the reason why they put questionable designs on their personalized shirts.   

Do you think you’re one of those people?  Have you made a custom t-shirt that people just hate?  If so then keep on reading because we compiled some of the possible reasons why. Speaking of reasons, here they are.

The Design Displays Obscenity

Okay, not everyone hates NSFW t-shirt designs. However, artworks that are in that niche can still raise some people’s eyebrows when you walk by them on the street.  And besides, wearing customized t-shirts with sexual designs is not appropriate for a lot of events and places. So unless you’re ready to make some noise and be deemed as someone who is improper, then better to not wear it at all.

It Has Racial and Homophobic Slurs

Believe it or not, there are personalized tees out there with unnecessary racial and homophobic insults on them. They’re wrong, we know. But for some weird reason, clearly uneducated folks still think its fine to wear them. Now, check your customized-shirts to see if you might have placed something that can insult others. Avoid using racial and gender remarks that may offend or confuse the people around you no matter how cool they sound. It doesn’t take much to be a decent person, you know.

It’s Just Hideous

You really can’t please everyone, what’s great to you may not be great to them at all. And in that case, there are two choices you can do. You can either not care about what other people think, and just rock that customized t-shirt or you can ask for a professional designer’s help the next time you want to get another one made. Just make sure that at the end of the day, you’ll go for the choice that can make you –and not the people around you- happy.

It Was Made With Low-Quality Materials

It’s no secret that a customized t-shirt is only as good as the quality of the shirt and ink that were used to make it. Make sure that the printing shop or the print-on-demand website where you get your custom t-shirts made uses nothing but the best-quality materials in the market. teevisionprinting.com is a great print on demand website to be in for they only use top-notch t-shirts, hoodies, and ink for their printing services. The best part, you can have a personalized t-shirt made for a reasonable price! Make sure to check them out.

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