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How To Choose The Correct Font For Statement Shirt Designs

How To Choose The Correct Font For Statement Shirt Designs


How To Choose The Correct Font For Statement Shirt Designs

Clothing stores are extremely in demand right now. Thanks to advanced online tools and design publishing companies because anyone could start their very own shirt business and earn extra income. It should be that easy unless you’re a newbie in the world of t-shirt designing.

Designing a shirt can be very daunting especially if it’s your first time. It’s a tricky process with tons of components that you must perfect or else the design of your t-shirt won’t work. One of the said things you need to perfect is the art of choosing the correct font for each of your design. Clothes like statement shirts are great and sellable. However, they are only as good as the font that was used to design the message written in them. A statement shirt with a good font will sell, a shirt with a bad and unreadable will not.

That’s why in this article we will show you how to pick the right font for your statement shirt designs. Let’s not delay this any further shall we? Here they are.

Statement Shirt Designs

Keep The Message In Mind

The first thing you should do before you even browse for fonts is to think of all the messages you want to print on your shirts. One of the most common mistakes that t-shirt designers commit is that the font they used doesn’t match the emotion or the essence of the statement their shirt has. Form an outline and list what kinds of statements and messages you want to print. After doing that, take note of the moods and emotions that people will perceive them with before you find the fonts that are suitable for them.

Choose A Readable Font

A statement shirt will lose its purpose if you or the people around you can’t even read what’s on it. Readability is the key in establishing a proper message and making it known to everyone. And that’s why several factors must be put into consideration when it comes to choosing the font. From the size and spacing up to background compatibility with different designs and colors, these things must all be taken into account before you decide on what you’re going to use.

Go For Versatility

When things aren’t working and the font you chose can’t give you the kind of effect you wanted, try combining it with other fonts or elements. Choose a font that will look great with other design elements and even other fonts. Though combining two different fonts or elements is tricky, when done right, it can be a sure-fire hit.

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