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How To Order Custom T-Shirts Online: A Guide For Newbies

How To Order Custom T-Shirts Online: A Guide For Newbies


How To Order Custom T-Shirts Online: A Simple Guide For Newbies

Thanks to modern technology, tons of print-on-demand online sites are more than willing to turn your personal designs into well crafted custom t-shirts.  These websites provide a lot of convenience because you can now do the entire process without even leaving your bed. Just upload your design, place it on a shirt template, pay for its corresponding amount afterwards and wait for the final product to arrive on your front door. That’s extremely easy, right? However, it can still be pretty daunting especially if you are a newbie.

But don’t frown yet because there are things you can do to make sure that your first online order of custom t-shirts will be nothing short of perfect.  And lucky for you, that’s what this post is all about. Written below are some of the most useful tips you can follow if you’re gonna order custom t-shirts online for the first time.

Order Custom T-Shirts Online

Make A List Of Possible Candidates

The first thing you should so is to compile a list of possible websites that you can use. DON’T settle for the first one that pops up on the results page of whatever browser you’re on. It’s important to do some research and study the things they can offer before you choose a website where you’ll print your shirt on. Use this moment to find out as much as you can about them in order to make sure that the whole transaction will be seamless.

Prepare Your Design

Once you’ve chosen a site that you think would suit you the best, it’s time to upload your design. Though most custom t-shirt fanatics already have their personalized designs made before they even find a site that they can use, there are still some who are either still clueless on what they want or are in need of an artist’s help to convert their design ideas into reality. Lucky for you, most print on demand sites offer a design studio and free artist consultations for indecisive clients. One good example of website that has an amazing DIY section and live artists integration is Tee Vision Printing. If you don’t have a design yet then you can make one using their own design studio. Or if you want the help of an expert then you can contact any of their artists for FREE.

Manage Your Expectations

One of the greatest roots of disappointments is unrealistic expectations. This applies not only to online custom t-shirt purchases but also to offline transactions as well. If you paid cheaply then don’t expect much on the quality. But if you used a website that offers services for a much reasonable price then you can raise your bar of expectation. Since you’re dealing with online merchants and you can’t see how the printing process is being done, then it is recommended to manage your expectations just to make sure you won’t be disappointed much in case it didn’t meet your standards.

Custom T-Shirts Online

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