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Simple Shirt Customizing Tips That Can Turn You Into A Pro

Simple Shirt Customizing Tips That Can Turn You Into A Pro


Simple Shirt Customizing Tips That Can Turn You Into A Pro  

Probably the best thing about custom t-shirts (aside from wearing them, of course!) is the process of designing them. Imagine, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing what kind of print you want to have.  You can be inspired by anything and everything. You can put whatever you want and that’s what makes designing custom t-shirts extremely fun. However, for newbies, personalizing a t-shirt can be the actual opposite of fun.

Designing a t-shirt can be quite intimidating especially if it’s your first time or you’re not used to it yet. And that’s understandable because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But the thing is, you can avoid those possible mistakes by following some simple tips that can elevate your shirt personalizing skills.  These said tips may not look like they can make much of a difference but trust us, they can. And since we’re already on topic, here are some of tips that you might want to know.

  • Take Your Time

  • One of the first things you should do is to just relax and don’t let time pressure you. Designs produced in a rushed manner can only look odd. The integrity of the design can suffer and there’s a huge possibility that it will not reach the full capacity of its potential wow factor. Make sure that you have enough time to get inspiration from the things around you, brainstorm ideas, find awesome print-on-demand websites like teevisionprinting.com and actually make the design before you print anything on the shirt.


  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Monochromatic Designs

  • Designs consisting of only one color can be deemed as boring. But as long as you know how to tweak its tones and play with its various shades, you’ll do just fine. For example, you made a design with black as its primary color. What you can do then is use lighter shades or tones for the smaller details that can complement the main attraction of your design. Whether it’s the background or other design details such as the hair or the clothes, you can implement different tones of black to establish contrast and make various shades and shadows obvious.


  • Know Your Shirt


  • It doesn’t matter whether you made the best design in the world if the quality of the garment you printed it on is bad. A good amount of knowledge on different types of garments, especially t-shirts, can be very handy if you are planning to make customized ones. Knowing which t-shirt types you can put on a design will save you from wasting time, money, and effort.  For examples, huge graphic designs aren’t recommended to be printed on tank tops and v-necks. It’s because their low neck line can reach and compromise the design. Familiarize yourself with the different kinds and qualities of shirts and you’re already halfway there

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