Simple Tips To Follow If You Want Your Custom Graphic T-Shirt To Last Longer

By archit sharma • April 27, 2020

Simple Tips To Follow If You Want Your Custom Graphic T-Shirt To Last Longer

There are many different reasons why personalized graphic tees are awesome. Aside from being comfy and casual, they are also creative, colorful and an effective platform of showing not only your personal sense of style but also to establish an important statement. But even if graphic shirts last a long time before they start showing any sign of being worn down, their life span can decrease greatly if they’re not cared for properly. That’s why it’s important to know the correct way of cleaning your favorite customized graphic t-shirt so it will last for a very long time.

Lucky for you, we’re not going to send you off to another web place just for you to find out how you can preserve your graphic t-shirt because we already have the answers right here. That’s right! What we’ll teach you today are the different yet simple ways you can do in order to make that customized graphic t-shirt of yours last longer than it should. Do you want to know what they are? Then let’s begin.

  • Wash With Cold Water

  • Unlike hot water, cold water doesn’t dry up the print’s ink that much. This means that the shirt’s design will be less susceptible to acquiring damages such as fades and cracks.

  • Gently Cycle Only When Using Washing Machine

  • Friction is one of the most common reasons why graphic shirt prints get worn down and cracked. A washing machine’s heavy cycle mode is actually a graphic tee’s nightmare because of the amount of friction it can bring. Opting for the gentle cycle is much better because it can still clean your clothes without putting much friction to it.

  • Never Put It In A Dryer

  • It’s a great machine, obviously, but it also contains the two things that can easily damage the integrity of your precious customized graphic shirt – heat and friction. Hang dry it instead, the shirt will surely last longer than you expected.

  • Don’t Wash It Often  

  • Or you know, you can just wash it less often than you’re used to. Believe it or not, not all shirts require washing after using it for one time. Unless it’s drenched in sweat, smelly or dirty, you can just hang it up and use it again when you need to. And no, it’s not unhygienic. You can call it saving your clothes from things that can destroy it during the washing process.

  • Have It Made By A Site With Great Quality Services

  • Another easy way is to make sure that the materials used on your customized graphic tee are of great quality. At, we offer only the best inks and t-shirts you’ll find in the market. We print our shirts using the silk screen printing method, making our products more durable and cheaper than what other websites offer out there. Check us out the next time!