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Most Popular Themes You’ll Find On T Shirt Print Design

Most Popular Themes You’ll Find On T Shirt Print Design


Most Popular Themes You’ll Find On T Shirt Print Design

One of the many reasons why people love wearing custom t-shirts is the fact that the design choices are practically endless. Since you have full control on what you want to see on your shirt, the sky’s basically the limit on what you want to put on. There are a lot of things that you can draw inspirations from whether you want a statement shirt or a graphic one. From mainstream stuff to indie and creative things, other people use them to produce designs that will make anyone’s mouth fall open.

So if you wanted to have your own sense of personal touch, you might consider these trendy ideas. Here is the list of design inspirations that you can use to create an outstanding custom shirt.

Design for Custom T Shirts


The beautiful faces of today’s uber-popular people are just some of the most common prints you’ll find on a custom t-shirt. The crazy part about this is that almost all of them aren’t even official products. People just print the faces on the shirts to show their support for their preferred personalities. From mainstream singers like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to well-known actors such as Chris Pratt and Scarlett Johansson, you will surely find a custom t-shirt out there that has a celebrity face as its design.

Song Lyrics

Though the melody and the rhythm of a song are the deciding factors whether it will be a huge success or not, it’s the lyrics that make it relatable and memorable. And since some of the today’s most popular and remarkable lyrics are just so darn good, many custom t-shirt fanatics already decided to print them on shirts and wear them. Song lyrics aren’t only catchy, putting them on shirts are also a great way of conveying a message or a mood. Try making a custom t-shirt with your favorite song lyrics and you will surely get all the hype about it.

Movie/TV Show References

Another popular design theme for custom t-shirts is TV shows and movie references. From titles and character names, up to punch lines and significant story details, custom t-shirt makers everywhere are using either to make their shirts sell or standout from the rest of the crowd. It is also a great of showing support and displaying TV show or movie taste without making it seem like you’re trying.

Custom Shirt Design Idea

These are just three of the most popular design themes you’ll find on custom t-shirts anywhere you may go. Head on to an awesome print-on-demand site like Tee Vision Printing use one of these popular design inspirations and produce that customized t-shirt that will get everyone talking.

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