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Perfect Color Combinations For Custom T Shirts Philadelphia

Perfect Color Combinations For Custom T Shirts Philadelphia


The Perfect Color Combinations You Need To Try On Your Custom T-Shirt This Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner, that’s why it is definitely the time to make holiday-themed customized t-shirts. Personalized tees are popular whole year long. However, they are extra special during the Christmas season. Why you ask? It’s because three of the biggest celebrations are packed into the final two months of the year. From thanksgiving, to Christmas, all the way to the New Year, there’s definitely a custom t-shirt that can commemorate these holidays and the things that are happening when they arrive. And speaking of celebrating the holidays through your personalized tees, making one is extremely fun.

Holiday-themed custom shirts are more festive than your normal DIY tees. But the thing is, they’re also very tricky. Unlike your everyday custom t-shirts, ones that are made specifically for the holidays heavily rely on the color combinations to make them work. While some get it easily, there are others who struggle with it. Are you one of them? Do you want to know what color combinations can you try for your custom t-shirts this holiday season? Then read the following.

Traditional (Red, Green, Brown and Yellow)

Whether it’s thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day, these colors are surely present in the things around you. Make the holiday spirit even stronger by customizing a t-shirt with this color combination. The green and brown will symbolize the pine tree while the red and yellow will take care of the festive details. Your personalized tee will surely be merry if you use two, three, or all of these colors.

Colors for Custom T Shirts

Winter Wonderland (White, Silver, blue, Gold)

Is it snowy in your area? Or is it NOT snowy enough in your area? Either way, make yourself a walking winter wonderland by donning a custom t-shirt with these colors in it. What’s great about this is that they are the type of colors that can work well no matter what skin tone you have.  Aside from that, there’s a huge chance that the design will still be legible when you combine them together. White doesn’t always have to be boring. And prove that by making this shirt as festive as possible.

Edgy (Black, Purple, Copper)

Yes, these are unusual colors, but if you know how to work your creative magic then you will surely be able to come up with a rocking design for the holidays. There are already black, purple and copper Christmas trees available in the market, why not join the rising trend and make a t-shirt as well? These hues may be edgy but they can give your holiday t-shirts the uniqueness they need.

You can use any of these three color combinations for your holiday-themed customized tees this year. And after making that choice, be sure to check out teevisionprinting.com. We have a lot of ink and t-shirt colors to choose from and we will make sure that every penny you spent will be worth it.

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