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The Perfect Custom T Shirts in Philadelphia for Your Style

The Perfect Custom-T Shirts in Philadelphia for Your Style


Custom T Shirts in Philadelphia: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Style

Philadelphia has become the heart of custom t-shirt enthusiasts for the past few years. The main reason is that people are influenced by its rich history and culture from the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution. As it kept evolving (getting better and better), it paved the foundation for custom t-shirts and apparel to become more prominent. Until today, custom t-shirts and apparel become the forefront of expressing one's brand and connecting with others and their brands. This blog will discuss custom t-shirts in Philadelphia – their benefits, finding suitable options, choosing the right company, design tips, and so much more. It's going to be a long one, so buckle up! 

History of Custom T-Shirts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has always been at the forefront of the pack in terms of expression and innovation. And for that reason, custom t-shirts had become a way to express their rich culture and thriving art. According to Grand View Research, statistically, the global custom t-shirt printing market in Philadelphia was valued at over $3.64 billion in 2019, and many businesses (large or small) have been using this strategy to differentiate from everyone else. That said, it has impacted several industries, including sports and fashion. In fashion, influencers have used custom t-shirt printing to promote their brand and increase their followers by promoting their merchandise. It has become prominent in social media that showing your apparel is a great way to engage with your following and cultivate them for support.

Benefits of Custom T-shirts

Admit it or not, custom t-shirts and apparel have a lot of benefits. It can give businesses (small or large), influencers, and brands a way to showcase their unique personality and style. Unlike those found in the mall, which are mass-produced, custom shirts provide the option of being unique, making one stand out from the crowd. This means that people can also make statements about what they wear.

Custom T Shirts 

Another benefit is that it allows individuals to have design options, showcasing their taste and personality. They can use designs like bold graphics, witty slogans, or intricate designs – endless possibilities.

Choosing the Right Custom T-Shirt Company

But what if you can't decide… how should you proceed then? It's essential to consider several factors when choosing the right custom t-shirt company. These factors include the quality, price, and turnaround time. 

Starting first with quality. When choosing, you should look for a company that uses high-quality materials and printing techniques. This ensures your custom t-shirts look and feel great after they're done. Tee Vision Printing, for example, suggests the usage of high-quality apparel while offering them at their most affordable price. That way, you could be sure you're getting the most out of your budget. 

Next is the price. You mustn't sacrifice quality for affordability. Different companies have different price points to which they are selling their services. Research it first because you could pay more than intended to learn about these things. You can also compare prices from different companies and find the best value for your budget. 

Then, we have the turnaround time. Make sure that the company you choose can produce your custom t-shirts or apparel at your deadline. If you need rush orders, you have to clarify if they can handle them. Communication and setting your expectations here are essential. You have to communicate with them properly to ensure that you maintain the quality of your shirts over time. Also, your expectations should be based on the average turnaround time, around 2-3 weeks. If your service provider can provide it less, clarify it with them. 

Custom T Shirts in Philadelphia

Different Techniques to Produce Custom T-Shirts

There are several printing techniques to get the custom tees or apparel you want. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so you should be wary of them. 

Screen Printing

The most common one is screen printing. The most traditional method of producing custom t-shirts involves transferring ink onto the fabric through a stencil. This technique is ideal for the following reasons:


  • Large orders – the process is efficient when it comes to producing multiple prints with the same design 

  • Flexibility – it can be used on a multitude of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blended garments

  • Ability to produce vibrant and long-lasting prints 

Despite its advantages, there are considerations when using this technique; one is the need for separate screens for each color. More color means it's much more expensive to get. In addition, this technique is not for intricate designs since there is only so much that you can create with the stencil, and it can only capture a minor detail. 

Custom Tee

Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG)

Another technique is direct-to-government print, which involves an inkjet printer applying the ink onto the shirt fabric. It is exact when applying this ink, and it's done in layers to create the desired design. Here are some considerations for when to use this technique: 


  • Small orders with intricate designs – this is very useful if the design is a complex artwork, gradients, or photographs. It allows a high level of detail and prints designs with high color accuracy. 

  • Limited setup time is also helpful if you're in a rush. Unlike screen printing, which takes time to set up and do, DTG prints are faster as they use a printer. The turnaround times for DTG prints are also expected to be slightly less than screenprints.

DTG Printed T Shirt

Heat Transfer Printing

Apart from screen printing and DTG, which are expected, there is also the heat transfer method. The design is easily transferred to the fabric using a special transfer paper, heat, and pressure. You might consider this consider this process for one-off designs and small orders. The only caveat, however, is that heat transfer prints can crack or fade over time, unlike screenprints and DTG prints. You might want to take note of that. 

Heat Transfer Printed T Shirt


Another technique that doesn't involve printing anything is embroidery. Embroidery involves stitching designs, logos, and texts onto the fabric by hand or with specialized embroidery machines. You only need your design; after it is digitized, the machine will sew it onto the fabric, achieving that raised and textured effect. You may consider embroidery if you want a high-end look and prolonged durability and longevity of your design. Embroidered garments last a lifetime since the design doesn't fade through repeated washing. 


Tips for Designing Your Custom T-Shirts

Among the basic tips are keeping it simple, applying color contrast, and thinking about the design's location or placement. Putting these three things in mind and applying them in the right way is the crucial element in creating an eye-catching design.

Starting first with keeping it simple. With custom t-shirts, you can make them simple enough, filling them with too many elements and clutter. At times, the minimalist design is the way to go as it provides a single focal point or message that is seen by the people surrounding you. Clarity first. If it is clear, people will understand and appreciate your custom tees or apparel and compare it as better than any mass-produced brands today. 

Tee Vision Printing

The second is considering color contrast. Choose colors that complement each other. Use the color wheel to make your design pop, and experiment with different color combinations to achieve the perfect feel. Always remember that for your design to pop, color is an important consideration, and it doesn't matter how good your design is if the color needs to be aligned with the overall theme you're trying to achieve. 

Lastly, think about the placement. Placement is where the designs are placed on your chosen apparel. For example, it is also important to consider placement concerning your chosen apparel. Crewneck tees will have a larger, central area where it is ideal to place your designs at the center. In addition, consider how your design will interact with the shirts' seams, collars, and sleeves. You don't want your designs to overlap these three. 

Why Should You Do It? 

There is a local cafe in Philadelphia named Cafe Nahn. These people offer Vietnamese comfort dishes that are sourced locally. To increase the visibility and attract more customers, they created custom tees that could be their uniform or merch that they would sell to customers that came in. They've collaborated with us, Tee Vision Printing, to print their merch and custom apparel in bulk. After printing these shirts, they offer them as merchandise in their stores, and on top of that, they use these merch to brand themselves on social media. 

Cafe Nah Shirts

As a result, these shirts serve as walking ads for their brand. Because the design, tees, and prints were of high quality, it generated a buzz around them within Philadelphia, attracting a loyal fan base and propelling their business into not like any other local cafe in the area. 

Another group of individuals who've shown success is the Haycock Camping Ministries. A non-profit, non-denomination ministry does camping programs and activities to grow their community into a man or woman of faith. They've used custom T-shirts featuring uplifting slogans, bible verses, and their brand to promote themselves. They promoted it during the events they've held and fundraisers they've done within their ministry. 

Haycock Staff

Consequently, their efforts became a hit in the community, allowing their following to support them further. It sparked conversations about their work and attracted attention to their ministry efforts. Making their merch enabled them to expand their community outreach programs and positively impact the lives of people in Philadelphia. 

Wrapping Up

Custom tees offer a lot on the table regarding opportunities to express yourself, your style, and your brand. It is a tool that can help you connect with the people in your community and propel your brand to a different level if you apply it at the right place and time. If you're looking for personalized merch or a creative strategy to take your brand to greater heights, explore custom t-shirts. You never know; this simple act will make you the next big hit in Philadelphia!

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