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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Shirts in Philadelphia

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Shirts in Philadelphia


The Ultimate Guide to Custom Shirts in Philadelphia: How to Design the Perfect Look for Any Occasion

Philadelphia is a city that has always been popular with cheesesteaks and its historical landmarks; however, one thing that has always been on the dot is its popularity with clothing and unique designs. Despite the changes in the city from its unique people, influencers, business owners, and brands, its fashion trends have always been there. Over time, more and more people have been going for different fashion trends that are over the top. However, most of the time, people want to be more straightforward with their clothing. What better way to do that than with a customized shirt with your design. We're talking about not the mass-produced ones but those you made. In this blog, we will discuss why you should get custom shirts, how to design one, who the top shops are, and tips on caring for your garments.

History of Custom Shirts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a lot of talented artists, which is the perfect storm for self-expression. Evidence of this is the Mural Arts Philadelphia located in Mt. Vermont St., as you can see in the image above. The thing here is that these murals are simply one form of art that you can see, and they are placed in a single large building. And a lot of people are better than that. Instead of only creating murals, artists and designers would take their own art, place it on their brand, and then showcase it through their custom merch. Due to that reason alone, it is safe to say that people from Philadelphia own customized apparel and t-shirts. Customized apparel is everywhere in this place, whether on the corner, when someone is selling it, or if it's made by an individual who wants to express themselves. It has become the modern way of honoring the city's heritage, people, and past through apparel.

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Reason To Get A Custom Shirt in Philadelphia

There are several reasons why you should get a custom shirt in Philadelphia. One is recommended for brands and businesses as they can use it as a marketing tool. It would be good to have a shirt or a hoodie for the brand, as it will make you look more professional and help your clients understand your business. In fact, the current trend shows that 95% of clients will trust the brand more if they have a sense of identity and are professional; therefore, it is essential for a brand to have this crucial component looked after.

Another reason is for schools. Suppose you're a student, a school, or an organization; enhancing and promoting the school spirit is essential. In that case, if you want your school to stand out in public. This is true, especially in school events and team sports. One way of doing that is through customized apparel and shirts. Many schools are implementing this, such as the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), where they have their own merch line promoting their brand.

Getting custom shirts can indeed help businesses and schools; however, it is not limited to that. It can also be true for gyms and special events. Occasionally, gyms or other organizations host special events that might require a special uniform. What better way to spice things up than with a custom shirt. This will make the brand more unified and look good in the photos you post on your socials. Custom shirts are essential for different organizations, whether for events, uniforms, or self-expression. It invites unity and a sense of being professional, making your business stand out and be trusted against the competition.

Designing Your Custom Shirt 

Many people say designing your custom shirt is tedious and complex, but it isn't. You can use your ideas, styles, and preferences to start, and it doesn't need to look so pretty at the very start. After doing so, you can go to a t-shirt printing company to sort it out for you with minimal effort. In general, you might need to consider four main factors before taking your ideas or concepts to them.


  1. Fabric selection – the texture, purpose, and it's overall look and feel 

  2. Detail selection – the placement of your logo on your shirt, the button choices, and pocket options 

  3. Measurements – the tendency of the shirt to be slim, tailored, or oversized and how to achieve it 

  4. Personalization – the overall aesthetic that you're trying to achieve for you to express yourself

After gathering your thoughts around these factors, organize them and take them to them with intention. Now, this might not apply to everybody, as you might be a brand with designs already. However, it's still essential to have a general idea of the factors mentioned to achieve the type of shirt or any custom apparel you want.

Design Your Own Custom T Shirt

Top Custom Shirt Shop in Philadelphia

Located at 920 E Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia Tee Vision Printing is the top-ranking screen printer in Philadelphia on Yelp and Google. Just a short background on this company, it has been locally owned and run by Sae Choi since 2013. Within Yelp and Google, they have amassed more than 100+ reviews by satisfied verifiable customers. If you're looking for a screen print job soon for your organization, this print shop is the way to go, as their shop has the best equipment for screen printing. However, they are not limited to that; they can also offer direct-to-garment printing and embroidery.

Tips for Caring for Your Custom Shirt

Caring for your custom shirt ensures that it maintains its quality and appearance for years to come. First, always follow the shirtmaker's care instructions or the garment label. These instructions typically include recommendations for washing, drying, and ironing. For most custom shirts, gentle machine washing in cold water and mild detergent is the best option to preserve the fabric and any custom prints or embroidery. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, which can damage the fabric and colors. When drying your shirt, opt for a low heat setting in the dryer or hang it to air dry to prevent shrinkage and maintain its shape.

Secondly, proper storage is essential for preserving the longevity of your custom shirt. Avoid overcrowding your closet or drawer, leading to wrinkles and creases. Instead, hang your shirt on a sturdy hanger to allow it to air out and maintain its shape between wears. For shirts with delicate prints or embellishments, consider placing a layer of tissue paper between the shirt and the hanger to prevent any transfer of color or damage. Additionally, storing your shirt in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight can help prevent fading and maintain the vibrancy of any custom designs. Following these simple care tips ensures that your custom shirt remains a staple in your wardrobe for years.

Wrapping Up

Custom Shirts are more than just clothing. In Philadelphia, it is culture and their way of self-expression. If you're a brand that wants an identity that sticks and stands out with everyone, having your own custom shirts should be an initial investment that you might want to consider. If you need help getting your custom shirt out there, design- and printing-wise, check out top printshops such as Tee Vision Printing. For sure, they'll be able to help you out from start to finish.

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