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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Custom T-Shirts Made

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Custom T-Shirts Made


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Custom T-Shirts Made

Getting custom shirts has always been challenging, for printshops are everywhere. The problem, however, lies in these options, and because there is a lot out there, it becomes harder for us to know which is the right one. That could hinder your progress if you're taking your business forward. The one thing that we can tell you before going deeper into this blog etched into your mind is the fact that custom t-shirts are more than just shirts. They are more than just garments with your logo or brand. It's your way of self-expression and letting the people around you know that your brand exists. It's tried, tested, and has been used in the past. This blog will discuss custom t-shirts and where, how, and why you should get them. After you read this, you'll be more informed than ever - ready to make the right call for your business.

Why should you get custom shirts?

As mentioned earlier, custom t-shirts are only worn with a purpose. By having and wearing custom t-shirts, you're generating more exposure for your brand, which could potentially get your business higher revenue or attention. Brands use other than the added exposure, custom t-shirts to show that they are professional and they take their business seriously. Have you ever seen people from McDonald's not wearing their uniforms with their logo? Probably not, and if you've seen one, that person would have been fired the next day, no pun intended. Custom t-shirts and personalized apparel support professionalism and leave an impression on people with whom Rand interacts daily. The main advantages of custom t-shirts are improving your brand visibility and identity, self-expression, and making sure your brand sticks to the people who interact with it.

Custom T Shirt Made

Where can you get these custom t-shirts made? 

Today, it is easy to find printshops as they can be found anywhere. It's easy to find them but difficult to find the right one. In addition, the problem becomes the number and the quality that these print shops can produce. If you are still starting, you only know what you'll get if you scour through the internet and find good reviews, such as those of companies like Tee Vision Printing. Aside from getting a t-shirt printing company to do these custom t-shirts for you, you can do it yourself. You can do your research and make them from scratch; however, it may take a lot of trial and error to get perfect results. Going with a t-shirt printing company can be enticing as they'd be able to get your shirts printed from start to finish.

Now, if you decide to go with a t-shirt printing company, there are two options: go online or go through local shops. You can see the product at hand with local shops if they have it in-house. You should also be able to see the place and whether they have the equipment and people to do the job. Going local makes it easier to make the call whether you'd go with the print shop you've chosen. The cons, however, is that it will take time to find them if you need to know where they are. There are print shops out there that are in the middle of nowhere and are found in a secluded area. Some of them are even closed but are still posted open in the internet, so just keep this in mind. Working with a local printer gives you flexibility and customization options since they can assist you in person and real-time to accommodate your requirements and preferences.

If you're going the online path, you could be given more customization options tailored to your preference if the t-shirt printing company has an optimized website. You'd be able to create these shirts using their design studio (if they have one), and you'd be able to get the quote immediately after submitting your initial requirements. The main con is the lack of personal touch and attention to detail. You're basically on your own, at least at the very beginning, which can lead to shirt and design combinations that could not be optimal for what you would need. Other than that, after submitting your initial requirements, these t-shirt printing companies can assist you immediately. 

To make it easier for you, here is a table summary of why you should consider going to an online or a local print shop.



Online Printshop

Local Print Shop


Can design and order from anywhere with internet access

Physical location for face-to-face interaction

Range of Options

Wide variety of shirt styles, colors, and customization options

Opportunity to see and feel samples before ordering


Often offer competitive pricing and discounts

Pricing may vary, but usually competitive

Turnaround Time

Orders can typically be placed 24/7

May offer quicker turnaround times for local customers

Customer Service

May lack personal interaction and customer service may vary

Provides personalized attention and assistance

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs may apply, especially for rush orders

No shipping costs for local pickup

Quality Assurance

- May rely on reviews and testimonials for quality assurance

- Can see samples and assess quality firsthand


Communication primarily via email or online chat

Direct communication with staff and designers


Can accommodate large orders and international shipping

Can offer more flexibility for last-minute changes

Community Support

Supports global marketplace and may offer wider reach

Supports local businesses and economy

Things to consider before getting your shirts made

When you're going to create your custom t-shirts, you need to look into the different factors. That way, you're ensuring that you will get your intended results. One important consideration is the quality of your shirts and prints. Make sure that whatever t-shirt printing company you go to uses high-quality materials and does the proper printing technique to enhance the quality of your prints. Now, there will be times when you already know what print you want to get, the shirt color, and the print technique you will use. Some printshops will give you a recommendation that could be better for your brand and the longevity and durability of the shirts; make sure that you take note of this advice. 

T Shirt Printing Services

The next factor is the purpose of these shirts and the audience that you're targeting. Make sure that you answer the "why you're doing it first" question to clarify your intentions. Is it for a uniform, merch, or giveaway? Are you delivering these shirts for a cause, or will they be used by an audience that is athletes? Simple questions like this should be made clear so you can align your designs with the shirt and choose the right type of garment to match it. Always remember that many customization options are available, which you can use to your advantage to get the perfect t-shirts for your brand. 

Another factor is budget. Only some people have the budget to spend on customized apparel; therefore, you must make it count. Getting custom shirts is relatively cheap nowadays if you choose the right t-shirt printing company. Make sure you do your research since many factors can influence the costs of your custom t-shirt, such as the shirt style, printing method, and order quantity. You can use the internet to your advantage and get the best options based on your money. 

Last is the timeline. Consider the timeline for when you get the shirts. Ensure you can communicate well with your t-shirt printing company so that everything is stress-free for you.

How to Design Your Custom Shirt

Designing your shirts is an opportunity to get your creativity and create something unique for your brand. It doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't have to be an artist. However, you should remember fundamentals when creating these designs for the shirts. 

Start by brainstorming concepts and themes that align with your intended audience or the message you want your audience to know. Whether a bold graphic or a clever slogan, a strong concept forms the foundation of a successful design. Next, consider the visual elements that will bring your design to life and ensure that your designs are visually appealing or contribute to the overall message you are trying to achieve. Experiment and explore different combinations and layouts until you find the perfect mix and look you're trying to achieve. 

If you're not comfortable with graphic design software, don't worry! Plenty of online platforms and tools are available that make it easy to create custom designs. Websites like Canva and Designhill offer user-friendly interfaces and pre-designed templates that make creating professional-looking designs in minutes simple. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional designer to bring your vision to life. While this option may incur additional costs, it can be worth it for more complex or intricate designs that require specialized skills and expertise.

Custom T Short Printed

Where to Get T-Shirts Made: Online vs Offline

As mentioned earlier, there are many options for where to get your shirts. Still, ultimately, it depends on you, your needs, and your preferences. Online services offer the convenience of designing and ordering custom apparel from the comfort of your home or office. They typically provide a wide range of customization options and competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. Some companies offer online services such as Tee Vision Printing, where they have optimized their website to deliver a seamless process from start to finish. 

On the other hand, local print shops and custom apparel stores offer personalized service and the opportunity to see and feel samples before making a purchase. Because you interact with them in person, you get a feel for their business and how everything runs, from their equipment to customer service. This makes communication much easier and quicker since you know the place's location, and you can simply get it yourself once it is all done. Lastly, before deciding between online and offline printing services, consider factors such as budget, timeline, and desired level of customization. Whichever option you choose, research the company thoroughly and read customer reviews to ensure that you don't get scammed and get the desired results.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Custom T-Shirt Printing Service

You always narrow your options to stay calm and relaxed with your choices. Here are some tips that you can consider.

  1. Read the companies' reviews: Excellent and legitimate reviews are critical to see whether a t-shirt printing company is legitimate. If they have 5-star reviews either on Google or on Yelp, you can gauge the quality of the printing service they provide. In contrast, if they don't have any reviews, you should stay aware of them as they could be fake.
  2. Check their portfolio: Review their work and see their previous clients. Suppose they are a legitimate t-shirt printing company. In that case, they should have tons of images and a long list of customers they could service in the past. Ensure that they have the experience that you want and the type of designs that you're looking for because if they don't, it is likely that they don't have the credibility that you need moving forward.
  3. Ask for samples: If possible, ask for samples of the garments that you've chosen. You must have a look and feel of these garments and ensure that the final product meets your standards. If they cannot provide the samples to your local area, make sure that they can give you proofs and readjustments if needed.
  4. Inquire about your needs, pricing, and turnaround times: Ensure you can get quotes for the shirt you need based on the garment, the color quantity, the timeline, and the budget. Get all your questions answered from the time you give your first design until the delivery; that way, you will not have any problems with the service you are receiving.

Other Uses for Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts are also used beyond clothing, which includes merch and uniforms. Influencers like Martin Amini have used custom t-shirts and apparel to promote his brand. Small businesses like car washes and laundry services have employed custom t-shirts to make their business stand out. By doing so, they are showing that they are unified and that they show a sense of camaraderie amongst them. Also, custom t-shirts are perfect for gifts and giveaways for birthdays, promotions, and fundraisers. They are unique because they can show your brand without overbearing, especially if your shirt is good (i.e., comfortable) and the design looks fantastic. Upon giving these shirts to your clients, they become walking advertisements for your brand if they rock your shirt for the day.

At the end of the day, custom t-shirts are a fantastic tool to promote your business and commemorate special occasions. It's a way of showcasing your brand subtly, which differentiates you from the rest.

Custom T Shirt for Business

Wrapping Up

The custom t-shirt is a tool that can be leveraged by brands and businesses for brand exposure and identity. It's also a way of showing their competitive edge, showcasing their uniqueness to the rest of the competition. Before getting your own custom t-shirt, make sure that you consider the different factors such as design, garment, and the right t-shirt printing company. Additionally, there are many options for where you can get your shirts, and the important thing is that you choose the right one. Here at Tee Vision Printing, we are prepared to assist you if you need help with your t-shirt printing needs. We would love to work with your projects as well.

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