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Things To Remember When Wearing Customized T-Shirts

Things To Remember When Wearing Customized T-Shirts


Things To Remember When Wearing Customized T-Shirts

One of the best things about personalized tees is that you can wear them every day, which is great especially if you want to wear something unique and stylish while you’re on the move. However, wearing these customized t-shirts also comes with a set of friendly reminders to avoid mistakes and possible violent reactions from the people that are going to see your shirt. From raised eyes browns and judging eyes up to whisperings behind your back, these are just some of the many reactions that we’re pretty sure you want to avoid.

Well, if you need some help on that matter then we’re definitely here for you. Written below are some of the things you need to remember whenever you decide to wear a customized t-shirt. Yes, they don’t look that important but trust us, following these tips will save you from awkward and unwanted troubles.


  • Always Remember The Design On Your T-Shirt

  • The design of the t-shirt is usually what causes people to react. Make sure the design on your tee is appropriate in the place or event. Don’t wear a personalized t-shirt with a happy print if you’re headed to a funeral, same as don’t wear a tee with sexual designs if you’re going to your work place or at school premises. Being labeled as insensitive or inappropriate is not an achievement to be proud of.

  • Don’t Hide It Under a Jacket, Sweater, or Hoodie

  • Intentionally hiding your customized t-shirt under another piece of clothing is a pretty bad idea unless it’s cold and you need to layer up. Why? Because come on, what’s the point of making a t-shirt with a unique design if you’re not going to show it off?  Be proud of your work and showcase your personal style through your personalized top.

  • Be Careful So That It Won’t Get Dirty

  • One of the few downsides of being able to wear custom t-shirts everyday is that they are vulnerable to dirt and other stuff that can wear them.  To preserve your shirt’s integrity and overall look, make sure to be careful and to stay away from things where you are almost guaranteed to get dirty.  Remember, there are stains that are too hard to remove they just stay on the shirt forever.

Following these things can save you from the trouble of having to deal with unwanted but totally avoidable situations. Just keep them in mind and you’re good to go. And while you’re still here, go visit teevisionprinting.com and make a customized t-shirt using their outstanding products and awesome design studio.


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