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Custom Statement T- Shirt | Philadelphia Customized T Shirts

Custom Statement T- Shirt | Philadelphia Customized T Shirts


Three Customized Statement T- Shirt Phrases That Need To Retire

Wearing personalized statement tees in particular is a great way of expressing your own thoughts and showing off your wit. It is also the reason why a lot of people love to make their own statement t-shirt designs.  To make things even better, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to choosing whatever phrase it is that you want to put on your statement t-shirt. However, it seems like there are people out there who are stuck on using the same old words that can be found on countless other statement tees everywhere.

Don’t get us wrong, we do love classic statement t-shirts. But don’t you think some of these most commonly used phrases are getting tedious? And besides, there really is no point a making personalized statement tee if you’re just going to put something that’s already been done by a lot of people.  It’s like saying a word over and over again until it loses its sense. If you want to know what in the world are these overused statement t-shirt prints we’re talking about then keep on reading because we compiled them right below.

Statement T Shirt

“World’s best …”

We totally get it, you admire yourself or the person you’re giving it to but come on, isn’t this statement getting a little tired? We already saw different variations of this phrase on a lot of TV shows and movies. Is it a sweet gesture? Yes. But is it unique and special? No, not at all.

 “I ♥ …..”

Whether it’s followed by a name of a person or a place, making customized statement t-shirts with this phrase is a sweet way of showing your appreciation. However, like the first one, this has been literally done numerous times. If you’re going to place a name of the person or even just the initials then you should be ready to receive the same kind of reaction that some people gave Tom Hiddleston when he wore the now infamous ‘I ♥ TS’ shirt last 2016. If you want to put on the name of the place you’re going to be in then you’re going to look like a tourist, which is true though but very stereotypical.

 “I’m with him …” / “I’m with her …”

Customized couple statement t-shirts are cute, but don’t ever make them if all you’ll put are cheesy lines like the one written above. A lot of people did it before and it is now produces more cringes than smiles. Show your love to your significant other by thinking of something creative instead of something that’s been literally done a lot of times before.

These are the three statement t-shirt phrases you need to stay away from if you want to make your own personalized statement tee.  Now that you’re done reading them why don’t you think of a call statement to wear and go to teevisionprinting.com to have it printed on a shirt? We’re sure you’ll love it.

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