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Stain Removal Solutions For Customized T-Shirt Philadelphia

Stain Removal Solutions For Customized T-Shirt Philadelphia


Three Effective Homemade Stain Removal Solutions For Your Favorite Customized T-Shirt

One of the greatest things about wearing customized t-shirts is that they are something you can wear on a daily basis. Whether you’re planning to have a relaxing day or a hectic one, t-shirts are just one of those clothing pieces that can make you feel comfortable and effortlessly stylish even if you’re busy or constantly moving. But great as they are, t-shirts are also the most vulnerable when it comes to stains and dirt.

Whenever our favorite t-shirt (customized or not) gets dirty, of course we’ll feel bad, right? It also doesn’t help that these stains cannot be completely stopped. We can’t predict when and where we’ll get them. Lucky for us though, these stains and dirt can be removed by some of the most common things we see in our own households. That’s right, and if you’re in the mood to find out what are these homemade stain removal solutions that can save your favorite custom t-shirt then keep on reading because they are written right below.

  • Vinegar

  • From water-based stains up to ketchup, hair dye and rust, the mighty vinegar can remove all of them. The acidity it contains is strong enough to remove various sorts of stains but gentle enough not to damage the surface or the clothing where the dirt or unwanted stuff is on. Aside from that, it also has antibacterial capabilities that can remove germs and other harmful bacteria from the stain itself.


  • Baking Soda

  • Usually combined with other liquid cleaning agents such as water and vinegar, the baking soda is another great stain removal solution for your t-shirt. It’s abrasive and has mild alkali properties that can gently dissolve dirt and unwanted stain on the fabric of your customized t-shirt. What’s special about it is that it’s natural and non-toxic, unlike detergents and all other t-shirt cleaning products you’ll see in the market.


  • Salt

  • Like the first two, salt is another great cleaning agent that you can locate in the kitchen. It is completely safe and is widely available. You can apply it directly on a wet stain so the chemicals present on it will be absorbed by the salt. Another way to use it is to make a salt paste (just add water onto a bowl of a salt until it forms a paste-like appearance) and rub it directly on the stain. Aside from being a potent cleaning agent, the salt also helps retain the custom t-shirts natural look. It is also not bad for prints.

These three homemade cleaning agents will surely remove just about any stain that latches on to your favorite custom t-shirt. But if the stain and the dirt on the shirts are too much then why not just make a new one? Check us out at teevisionprinting.com and make a quality personalized tee that you will want to wear every day.  

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