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Three Fresh & Exciting Ways You Can Style Your Favorite Custom-Made Statement Shirt

Style Your Favorite Custom-Made Statement Shirt | Customized Shirt Online


Three Fresh & Exciting Ways You Can Style Your Favorite Custom-Made Statement Shirt

Statement shirts have been around for quite some time now. And good news, since people just couldn‘t stop wearing them, we will still see them for many more years to come. One of the best things about statement shirts is that they are very casual, meaning you can wear them to almost any place you can think of. Another reason why statement shirts are awesome is that they are extremely versatile; you can basically partner them with almost everything you can find in your wardrobe. Though we’ve been accustomed to the classic shirts and jeans pairing, statement tees can now be worn in many different ways that can give your outfit a fresh and new look.  

If you’re getting bored of the limited attire choices you can make when you want to wear your favorite personalized statement shirt then don’t worry because we got you covered. Listed below are the various exciting ways you can style a personalized (or a pre-made) statement tee.

  • Wear A Blazer Over It

  • A t-shirt and a blazer may be the weirdest combination you’ll see in a while but trust us, it absolutely works. The blazer can add a touch of sophistication to your t-shirt, making your attire look more edgy and suitable for semi-casual to formal events. And if anyone asks what’s written on it, you can just easily open your blazer and show the design underneath.

  • Partner It With Something Leather

  • Do you want to feel like a rock star?  If yes then try partnering your personalized statement shirt with any clothing made of leather.  Whether it’s a jacket, leggings, or a pair of leather jeans, these can instantly transform a customized statement t-shirt into an edgy and cool fashion piece. For added style, you can try twisting the shirt or tucking it in your jeans. And don’t worry about feeling hot because of the thick material, the weather is getting cold, this is definitely the perfect time to wear things that are made of leather.

  • Use Vintage-Looking Jeans and Heels

  • Going retro especially in fashion is classified as cool these days. If you’re in the mood for some vintage-inspired attire then why not try a wide-leg jeans, statement shirt, and platform heels combo? This ensemble will instantly give you the vintage-y vibes that you can whenever you want to go.


These are just three of the many ways you can switch things up when wearing your favorite custom statement shirt. Oh, you don’t have one yet? Then check out www.ihatetshirts.com to get one made. We can make great quality statement shirts based on your preference. And do you know the best part? We offer our products at reasonable prices and we have different shipping methods to fulfill your needs.

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