Top 8 Celebrities Who Love To Wear T-shirts

By archit sharma • May 23, 2018

Top 8 Celebrities Who Love To Wear T-shirts

You may often see celebrities on television wearing long gowns and tuxedos, but most of them really prefer wearing T-shirts every now and then. The comfort of wearing a shirt will never be out of style because it’s considered as a timeless fashion for everyone.  That is why your favorite stars wanted something simple and comfortable to wear during normal days. Let’s check out some celebrities who love wearing ordinary Tees and still pull out a great sense of fashion.

Kendall Jenner – The fashion model and TV personality Kendall Jenner can be seen wearing different types of T-shirts. She was often seen wearing simple plain white shirt that she loves to pair with jeans or pants. She’s fond of wearing T-shirts because it can be easily paired with most clothing.


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Rihanna – The pop R&B sensation definitely loves wearing Tee’s and has her own collection of it for different occasions. Her ability to wear them with other directional pieces is astounding. She can be seen wearing plain and other vintage printed t-shirts or even customized ones.


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Gigi Hadid – She was seen with a Rolling Stone T-shirt paired with an eye catching high-waist sheer pants. Though she wanted to show some skin and turn it into a crop top, the outcome was very sexy and gorgeous. She loves doing different fashion experiments with tees for some reason and still looks good on it.


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Miley Cyrus – She is definitely a T-shirt lover and it can be seen on multiple times in her get up. Everyone has seen her wear vintage bands to plain tees and printed T-shirts coupled with skirt and jeans. She sometimes loves to wear a shirt that compliments her body.

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Robert Downey Jr – T-shirts are considered as the jack of all trades to fashion for the Avenger team leader RDJ. People can see him wearing Ironman printed T-shirts with other branded apparels which were downright appealing. Ironman wearing Ironman t-shirt is what you call “he is his own fashion statement.”

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Lady Gaga – Her exotic fashion sense is really incredible to the point that most of the times normal people can’t imitate it. However, she was seen in a printed T-shirt with sunglasses which was very nice for a change. Lady Gaga may have been fond of a unique outfit, but she always gives credit on wearing a rock style shirt and she totally nails it.


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Kristen Stewart – The Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart was seen wearing the unbeatable combo of loose shirt and blue jeans. She often wanted to feel comfortable with her clothes but always maintain simplicity and style. Well, she definitely knows how to pull it off.

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Anne Hathaway – Aside from the comfort and simplicity of T-shirts, Anne Hathaway loves them for the reason that she has the ability to wear it sophisticatedly. A good example would be the time when she wore a custom red shirt. It gave her a simple style in a classy manner.


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