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Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Custom T-shirts for Celebrations

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Custom T-shirts for Celebrations


Top Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Custom T-shirts During Celebrations

It’s definitely that time of the year again for having celebrations with your family and friends. Whether it’s a Halloween bash, get together with friends, reunions with your loved ones or even Christmas parties, this is the season to wear customized shirts to commemorate whatever it is that you’re celebrating. In fact, one of the best things about personalized tees is that they can be worn on various occasions. Well, as long as they’re not deemed inappropriate.

Though customized shirts are easy to wear and can be used as an outfit in just about any party imaginable. But if you’re going to wear a personalized shirt on any get-together you’ll be attending, there are some things that you must do and avoid in order to prevent the fun from getting spoiled. If you want to know what these things are then look no further because here’s the top Do’s and Don’ts of wearing a custom shirt.

Custom T Shirts for Celebaration


  • Do keep the design in mind: Whether you’re wearing or you’re giving it to someone as a gift, make sure that the design of your customized shirt is appropriate for the event or the party that you’re in. Stray away from personalized tees with controversial designs that can either raise some eyebrows or offend a couple of fellow partygoers.

  • Do bring an extra: If you’re going to a party then there’s a big chance your shirt will be soaked in different types of fluids. Sweat, Water, Beer, Food and etc., all of these can damage the appearance of your shirt. That’s why it’s recommended to bring an extra whether it’s also a personalized one or not.

  • Do Wear A Custom T-Shirt In Darker Colors: If you don’t want to bring an extra shirt then you can just go for a tee with a darker hue so any stain won’t be obvious right away. Good news is that since its spooky season, your shirt will blend right in. www.teevisionprinting.com has a lot of shirts with different dark colors to choose from. Check them out and choose from their wide selection of styles.


  • Don’t Wear Shirts With Offensive Designs: Yes, even shirt designs can offend people. Avoid being called ‘insensitive’, ‘racist’ or ‘inappropriate’ by checking the design of your t-shirt before you go to a party. Make sure the subject of the shirt’s design is okay and will not come off as something negative.

  • Don’t Wear Political Shirts On Normal Parties: We get it, customized shirts also became the gateway for announcing one’s political beliefs but come on, why wear them at a party when there are other people with different political views that you might clash with?  Just don’t mix politics with fun and you’ll be okay.

  • Don’t Hide It: Custom shirts are made to be shown off. If you’re just going to hide yours under a costume or a sweater then don’t even bother wearing one.

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