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Tricky Custom T-Shirt Design Themes | Custom Shirts Online

Tricky Custom T-Shirt Design Themes | Custom Shirts Online


Tricky Custom T-Shirt Design Themes That You Should Be Aware Of

Customized t-shirts are wonderful for a lot of reasons. But what really makes them a huge hit among shirt fanatics everywhere is the fact that you have complete control on what type of design you want to see on your t-shirt. From words and cartoons to actual pictures of people and certain places, you can use these things to personalize that blank t-shirt and make it look great.

However, you must still choose carefully what kind of design you will put on the shirt.  Some design ideas can come off as inappropriate or offensive to other people. So, in order to avoid any awkward encounters, you need to put your print ideas into consideration before using them. Here are the following things that should make you think twice before turning them into shirt designs.  

  • Sexual Stuff

  • Whether its words or graphical representations, designs inspired by private parts and other sex-related things should be used with caution. Sure, you may find it alright and everything but other people may dismiss it as inappropriate. You can’t wear them on certain events and maybe even in public unless you want people to raise their brows at you when they see what’s on your shirt.

  • Inappropriate Words

  • T-shirts with swear words are already common. However, they are also still prone to gathering unwanted attention and even criticisms from other people. It actually creates an impact that most people underestimate and misunderstood. If you think your design will not come off as inappropriate or offensive to anyone, and then go use it. But you still have to prepare yourself for the occasional violent reactions and disapproving looks from the people around you.

  • Political References

  • It’s no secret that politics is one of the trickiest subjects in the world. And though shirts with designs showing political stuff are becoming more and more common, making one and having it printed on a shirt should still be something you think about first before doing. Producing a design that condemns or shows support for a certain politician or group can land you in trouble especially if the politics in your area is a sensitive topic. So best be careful if you want to make one.

Getting design inspirations from these three is fine. Just make sure you’ll be able to come up with a personalized print that will not make you look offensive, clueless or inappropriate. And you can do that with the use of an excellent program or an online design studio. teevisionprinting.com is a print on demand website with an awesome DIY section where you can upload your pre-made design and fit it on a shirt, if you don’t have one yet then you can also make it straight on their website by using the platform’s excellent tools and controls.


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