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What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Custom Shirt

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Custom Shirt


What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your Custom Shirt

We all love a good custom t-shirt and as much as possible, we wanted to feel great and comfortable wearing it. However, picking the nicest one is the hardest decision to make. There are certain things you have to consider such as the size, the color, the design, the type, as well as the brand. If you've ever been in charge of ordering custom printed t-shirts then you know it can take a lot of work. From designing a logo to finding a printer and even choosing which t-shirt to have the design printed on, the process can be exhausting. So how do you know you have the right one? Here are some factors you need to understand to get the best shirt that will best represent you.

Setting up your preference

Choosing the right clothes is sometimes demanding, so the fact that you know what type of t-shirt you want to wear will limit the options. There are wide varieties of shirts available in the market and the only way to get the best is to know your preference. You just don’t grab one and assume to look good on it because it’s more than that. You can choose from closed neck to v-neck, plain to multicolored, fit or lose, or even thick or thin. Your clothing preference will first determine the decision you will make when purchasing a product.

Considering your body type

All t-shirts come in size and most people really put too much effort in finding the right fit for them. However, your body type can sometimes agree on the kind of shirt you need. You have to take note that not because it looks good on others, doesn’t mean it will be the same for you and vice versa. Therefore, the size of the shirt is not constantly the basis for picking the right one and it is one of the factors that you can (not always) set aside.

The struggle of creating a design

Customizing your shirt is easy and fun. You can always experiment with the type of designs you wanted to transfer on your garment. However, not all designs are good.  You have to understand that there are limits to what you should and should not put on your customized shirts.

Too many details – Your shirt might lose its value if you try to put too many details on it. It may lead to distracting features that will make your shirt unpleasant. Simplicity is still the best way to catch an attention.

Wrong color combinations – The colors affect the outcome of a shirt. A nice shirt in a wrong color combination can make you look dull and boring. You have to know the right blend of colors for both the shirt and the design.

Lack of purpose – Your shirt is always your brand, and it is a representation of yourself. So you have to choose a custom print-design that will convey a message through your shirt.

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