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Direct to Garment Printing Near Center City Philadelphia PA

Direct to Garment Printing Near Center City Philadelphia PA


Direct to Garment Printing Near Center City Philadelphia PA

Along with screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing has been gaining popularity near Center City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the most typically utilized substitute if screen printing and embroidery are too expensive for you. Because it allows you to print complex graphics in multiple colors and sometimes printing in lesser numbers might save money, this printing technique is unique. Apart from that, screen printing and stitching are less efficient and practical than printing images onto garments. Therefore, whether you need a few shirts or a quick order, DTG printing is something you might wish to investigate. That said, the main topic of this blog is DTG printing and how to optimize it for your apparel needs.

What is Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing?

Usually printed with inkjet printers, DTG printing is unique among printing methods. Its use of inkjet printers allows it to produce intricate graphics rapidly and with little to no setup time. DTG printing allows you to employ additional colors because the choices go beyond RGB to include CMYK colors. As such, printing in a range of colors is possible and you are not limited in your color selection. All that being said, you would want to have.

DTG printing is frowned upon, and many individuals think screen printing is better. Functionally speaking, they are almost equal, and DTG might even be more effective than screenprinting. The fabric's original texture and breathability can be maintained with DTG, albeit the colors are less vibrant. Smaller productions also gain from its printing capabilities because there are no setup costs as there are with traditional printing procedures. All around, DTG printing is a very flexible method of printing apparel. Complex designs in halftones, gradients, or multicolored are made possible by it.

Direct to Garment Printing

Advantages of Direct-To-Garment Printing


  1. For the quality of prints they yield, DTG prints are reasonably priced. There are no actual setup costs and you won't be burning many screens, hence there won't be any further charges. Stated differently, you can save even more money because each shirt is much less expensive and you can still have great prints. 

  2. The uses for DTG printing are countless. It works with cotton as well as mixtures of polyester and synthetic fibers. You wouldn't worry if a certain polyester blend you have won't print nicely because it will.

  3. Besides, DTG printing is really environmentally beneficial. There is water and chemical basis for the inks. Final waste material is produced less compared with traditional printing methods.

DTG Printing

The Process of  Direct-to-Garment Printing


  1. Preparing the Design: Converting or importing the intended artwork into a digital format that the DTG printing software supports is the first step in setting up the design for DTG prints. You make any necessary changes to your artwork (size, placement, and colors) at this point before it is printed.

  2. Preparing the Fabric: After finishing your design, choose the suitable cloth. Any form of polyester blend, or cotton will work. Make sure all is clean, smooth, and positioned correctly on the DTG printer.

  3. Application of the pre-treatment solution: If you want the ink to stick better or if you intend to print on a shirt that is incompatible with the ink, you may want to apply a specialized pre-treatment using a spray or a roller. You can now concurrently increase the color's brightness and the ink's adhesion.

  4. Print the shirts: After everything is prepared, put the design into the DTG printer and start printing. The printer should next go across the fabric and apply ink layer by layer to recreate the pattern, according to computer settings.

  5. Cure them: After that, the garments are dried in a heat press or conveyor drier. As it is more practical, we use the conveyor drier in this case. After this stage, the inks ought to be dry enough to touch and wash the design.

  6. Finishing: Upon curing, the shirts will be removed for inspection to check for any printing process errors. After that, it'll be cooled and folded suitably.

Direct to Garment Printing Near Center City Philadelphia PA

DTG Prints Can Also Produce High-Quality Custom Apparel

Superior Custom Clothing Can Also Be Made in Center City Philadelphia PA using DTG Prints. Interesting enough, direct to garment (DTG) printed clothing is of very high quality. This kind of technique does what traditional screen printing cannot: it prints in an infinite number of colors and accurately creates gradients and halftones. Clothing made with it can be vibrant and won't fade too quickly even after multiple washings. Look at this client, who claims that the prints are clear and the ink is soft on DTG printed apparel. Though it's not as vibrant as screen-printed apparel, one may argue that a print shop equipped with a contemporary equipment could match or even outperform any screen-printed apparel.

Apart from the excellent quality of DTG printed apparel, printshops don't have to worry about setting up screens or using a lot of them, hence prints can be produced fast. Imagine now that you need bespoke garments quickly or in small quantities. In such case, this can be your finest choice.

Wrapping Up

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing of your customized apparel should not be discounted. It is an other excellent printing option because it is flexible, reasonably priced, and ecologically friendly. Your color options are not limited since DTG printing can print CMYK colors. After all, it wouldn't increase your costs all that much more than screen printing. Now, don't think twice to go with direct-to-garment (DTG) printing if your company needs customized apparel or has a unique design that includes more than three colors and wants to save money. Here is the new alternative if screen printing isn't your thing.

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